the coaching executive program

Accelerate results. One conversation at a time.


Deep Dive

The three-day workshop will pull you out of your relentless and ruthless executive routine and bring you into deep, concentrated skill development.

To really absorb new ideas and skills, create space for it!



We learn by doing. Through coaching demonstrations and exercises, we explore meta-awareness and benevolence, the cultivation of psychological capital, self-determination and wisdom, and the agile and creative process of shifting perspective and identity.

You will learn to apply an agile laser coaching process along with coaching tools that you can mix and match.



Following the workshop, to anchor and expand your learning you will practice laser coaching on the job, supported by 3 one-hour mentor sessions over the next 3-6 months.



Curriculum outline

Consistent with the nature of coaching, the program will follow an emergent process, weaving together coaching science, demonstrations, practice, and rich discussions.

The program building blocks:



DECODE - people growth opportunities

conflicts, decisions, stress, skills improvement, perspective and ego shifts



LEARN - laser coaching process

L = Listen (mindfulness, curiosity)
A = Aim
(motivation, vision)
S = Strengths
E = Explore
(identify and transcend growth edges)
R = Results



PRACTICE - coaching skills

Presence - meta-awareness, benevolence, agility
Cultivate - motivation, psychological capital, growth



APPLY - coaching toolbox, a variety of ways to navigate growth edges

Tools are based on positive psychology, emotional intelligence, behavior change, mindfulness