The Four Virtues of a Leader:
Navigating the Hero's Journey Through Risk to Results 

by Eric Kaufmann (Author)
Paperback – September 1, 2016

Awaken the Courageous Leader Inside You
True leaders inspire us with their confidence, dedication, and track record of achievement—but does their success arise from innate gifts, or qualities that we all can develop? “Each of us, no matter what our title or job, can become an effective leader by cultivating the same essential attributes found in the classic hero’s journey,” says Eric Kaufmann. With The Four Virtues of a Leader, this top executive coach presents a must-read guide to help you awaken and amplify the fundamental competencies that every successful leader embodies.


Organize Your Emotions, Optimize Your Life:
Decode Your Emotional DNA - and Thrive 

by Margaret Moore (Author), Edward Phillips (Author), Karen White (Narrator), John Hanc (Author),

From a top executive coach and a Harvard Medical School professor, comes this revolutionary book that will show you how to identify and decode your nine most basic emotional needs-and coach yourself to a calmer, healthier, and happier life.

The more you thrive, the better your brain functions, and you're able to perform at the best level. Your health improves. You enjoy life more. When you're thriving, your stress level is down, your confidence is up, and the internal frenzy is tamed by a poised, self-assured mind.


Organize Your Mind, Organize Your Life:
Train Your Brain to Get More Done in Less Time

by Margaret Moore (Author), Paul Hammerness (Author)

The key to a less hectic, less stressful life is not in simply organizing your desk, but organizing your mind. Dr. Paul Hammerness, a Harvard Medical School psychiatrist, describes the latest neuroscience research on the brain's extraordinary built-in system of organization. Margaret Moore, an executive coach and co-director of the Institute of Coaching, translates the science into solutions.